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Subprocessing Activities



Cloud-based Marketing Automation Solution

United States

Amazon Web Services

Cloud Service Provider

United States


Cloud-based Analytics Tool

United States


Cloud Based Connector and Data Centralization Services

United States

Mandrill / Mailchimp

Cloud-based Customer Support Services

United States

Microsoft Azure

Cloud Service Provider

United States

MongoDB, Inc

Cloud database Service Production Database

United States

Salesforce Cloud

Cloud-based Customer Support Services

United States

Twilio Inc, dba “Segment”

Customer Data Platform

United States

Practitioner Certification Program 

This program has been designed to support better outcomes by empowering people to apply design thinking in their daily work, beyond initial training, and building competence through coaching sessions following the training sessions.  

Each participant will receive certification as a Practitioner of LUMA System™ methodologies upon successful completion.

  • Experience level: Beginner
  • Prerequisites: None



Facilitator Certification Program

This program has been designed to develop highly capable facilitators of workshops and sessions that utilize LUMA System™ methodologies through live training sessions, practice and feedback of facilitation, and coaching sessions following the training session. Each participant will receive certification as a Facilitator in LUMA System™ methodologies upon successful completion. 

  • Experience level: Intermediate to advanced
  • Prerequisite: Practitioner certification -or- Fundamentals of Innovation Workshop



Additional Services



Learning Programs

“Learning Programs” means the professional development training and certification courses and programs offered by Mural, including those teaching the LUMA System™ collection of curated methods and recipes. 

1.0 Use of Third-Party Instructors. You understand, acknowledge and agree that the Learning Programs may be delivered by independent third-party instructors (“Instructors”). Mural shall remain liable for the performance by its personnel and Instructors and their compliance with Mural’s obligations under the Agreement.  All Instructors are required to carry professional liability insurance and commercial (general) liability insurance. 

2.0 Badges, Certifications and other Credentials. The criteria and requirements for successfully completing Learning Programs and earning a badge, certification, or other credential (collectively, “Credentials”) are determined by Mural in its sole discretion. Upon successfully meeting the criteria and requirements, Mural will grant a nonexclusive, worldwide, royalty-free license to the individuals who earned the Credential to display and reproduce the Credential solely for purposes of truthfully identifying their scope of knowledge and status as a Credential holder. Such license is personal to the individual who earned the Credential and therefore is non-transferable and non-sublicensable. The use of Credentials may be subject to guidelines that Mural may establish from time to time, including without limitation renewal or recertification requirements. 

3.0 Scheduling. All Learning Programs must begin within nine (9) months and be consumed within twelve (12) months from the effective date of the applicable Order Form or online purchase of Learning Services. Scheduling of Learning Programs will be agreed by the parties in good faith upon 30 days prior request from you. You may reschedule Learning Programs any time within eight (8) months of purchase, by providing prior written notice to us. In the event of any rescheduling, you will reimburse us for all nonrefundable expenses incurred up through the date of reschedule. A reschedule notice received by us at least thirty-one (31) calendar days prior to the scheduled start of the Learning Programs will not give rise to any other fees.  

License; Ownership

“Learning Platform” means the digital cloud-based software platform containing certain Learning Programs, LUMA System Materials, and other related resources and content. “LUMA System Materials” means the LUMA System™ collection of curated methods and recipes, and all content and materials related thereto. 

4.0 Intellectual Property. The Learning Programs, LUMA System Materials, Credentials, Learning Platform and other learning tools, and all trademarks or service marks related thereto (collectively, the “Mural IP”), are owned by Mural or its licensors and subject to intellectual property rights under United States and foreign laws and international conventions. We reserve all rights in the Mural IP. You must retain all trademark, copyright, and other proprietary notices contained in and on the Mural IP. 

5.0 License.  If your purchase includes LUMA System Materials, Mural grants you (and your Authorized Users, if applicable) a limited, non-exclusive, non-sublicensable, non-transferable right and license to access, use (view, download, print, reproduce, distribute and display) the LUMA System Materials solely for your own personal or internal business purposes.  You may not make any public or commercial use of the LUMA System Materials, or modify, create derivative works from, or publicly publish, distribute or display the LUMA System Materials. All other uses of the LUMA System Materials are subject to Mural’s express prior written approval, which may be granted or denied by Mural in Mural’s sole discretion. After the Order Form Term or Subscription Term (as applicable), you may retain your personal copies of the LUMA System Materials downloaded or otherwise received during the Order Form Term, subject to the terms of this Agreement, but may not otherwise access or use the LUMA System Materials after the Order Form Term or Subscription Term. 

Data; Security

6.0 Controller-Controller Relationship. With respect to the Learning Services, if applicable to you, each party acts as a “controller” or “business” (as defined by and as applicable under applicable Data Privacy Laws) with respect to Personal Data Processed and the controller-controller provisions of the Mural DPA apply.


7.0 Payment for all LUMA Service offering fees and expenses is due up front, according to the terms of your Agreement and/or Order Form.