Online sticky notes to capture and share your best ideas

Mural is a visual collaboration platform for turning your ideas into results and inspiring creativity. Easily add drag-and-drop sticky notes, create better outcomes with templates, and invite your team to collaborate.
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A team collaborating with sticky notes on a digital canvas

Unlock seamless collaboration

  • Capture all your ideas in a shared digital workspace, whether in real-time or asynchronously.
  • Organize and annotate notes based on theme to easily prioritize next steps.
  • Create agile workflows, diagrams, and mind maps quickly and easily.
  • Avoid group-think in brainstorming sessions with Private Mode.
  • Gather better feedback from team members with anonymous voting.
  • Never lose track of ideas in endless email or message threads.

Collaboration features for helping you go beyond sticky notes

Use the right tools to empower teams and collaborate with confidence. Whether conducting a brainstorming session or solving a complex problem, Mural has the tools to help your team succeed.

Infinite & resizable canvas options

Choose the right canvas for your collaboration goals — flexibility without limits.

Tags on sticky notes

Customizable labels make it easy to find, organize, and categorize your work in a mural.

Anonymous voting

Gain consensus and reach alignment quickly, either in real time or asynchronously.

Video meeting integrations

Seamlessly add visual collaboration to meetings with Microsoft Teams, Webex, and Zoom integrations.


Add comments and tag collaborators for smooth asynchronous communication.

Find & filter

Search and filter by color, last edited by, and more to unlock patterns and enhance visual collaboration.

Ready-to-use templates to help you capture and share your ideas

Ready-to-use templates to share with your teams


How to get started with Online sticky notes

More than an online whiteboard, Mural is an online collaboration platform with the functionality to help you brainstorm, strategize, plan, and turn your best ideas into actionable next steps — no matter where you are. Level-up remote meetings, product roadmaps, client engagements, and project management rituals with an enterprise-grade collaboration tool built into the Mural platform.

Get started free, and build a culture of empowerment and inclusion across your team, department, or an entire organization.

  • Start from a blank infinite canvas or with one of Mural's 300+ templates for popular outcomes.
  • Each template includes facilitation tips to guide your team through each activity — learn more about Mural's Facilitation Superpowers™ features.
  • Add collaborators and stakeholders with unlimited visitors included with every membership.
  • Run an engaging real-time session or invite your team to share ideas and get feedback asynchronously.
  • Share, embed, or export your whiteboard for a record of all the amazing collaboration.
  • Download the iOS and Android Mural apps to access the digital whiteboard canvas and collaborate with your team from anywhere.

Mural works with your team

Explore free template recommendations and popular use cases.

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Scaling Visual Collaboration

Teams at Emerson transitioned to running workshops and training sessions virtually, to work more efficiently and make sure everyone's voice is heard.
A team at Emerson collaborating in front of a whiteboard