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To-do List template

Track tasks and goals, then accomplish them all

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About the to-do list template

A to-do list is a simple yet powerful tool for organizing and managing tasks. By clearly outlining what needs to be done, a to-do list can help you to prioritize your time and focus your efforts on the most important tasks. To-do lists can also be used to track progress and ensure that all tasks are completed promptly. In addition, to-do lists can be shared with others to facilitate collaboration and ensure that everyone is on the same page.

Whether you're managing a personal project or coordinating a team, a to-do list is an essential tool for staying organized and ensuring that all of your tasks are completed.

This template can be used on your own to track your tasks, or with a team focused on a specific project.

First, create a sticky note for each task in your "To-do" column. Move any tasks that are currently being worked on to the "In progress" column, and place finished tasks in the "Done" column. Add more information about the task to each sticky note with tags and links to additional documentation.

With MURAL, you can add extra layers of organization — color code your sticky notes for specific kinds of tasks, or use tags to quickly collate and analyze jobs to be done or work you've accomplished.

5 benefits of creating and maintaining a to-do list

1.  Helps to prioritize

One of the primary benefits of creating a to-do list is that it helps you to prioritize your tasks. By writing down everything that you need to do, you can then rank them in order of importance. This can be helpful when you are feeling overwhelmed by a large number of tasks and don't know where to start.

2.  Keeps you organized

Another benefit of having a to-do list is that it helps to keep you organized. When everything is written down in one place, you are less likely to forget about important tasks or double-book yourself. This can be especially helpful if you have a busy schedule or tend to be forgetful.

3.  Gives you a sense of accomplishment

Crossing items off of your to-do list can also give you a sense of accomplishment. Seeing everything that you have accomplished can help to motivate you to keep going and get more things done. Additionally, it can help to boost your confidence and self-esteem.

4.  Reduces stress

Another benefit of having a to-do list is that it can help to reduce stress levels. When everything is written down and organized, it can be easier to focus on one task at a time and not feel overwhelmed. This can lead to improved productivity and decreased stress levels overall.

5.  Improves time management skills

Finally, maintaining a to-do list can also help to improve your time management skills. By learning how to effectively prioritize and organize your tasks, you can become better at managing your time overall. This can lead to improved productivity in both your personal and professional life

How to use the to-do list template

Stay organized, keep on top of deadlines, and see an overview of everything you need to accomplish with this template. Visualize your progress and celebrate with some confetti when you complete tasks.

To get the most out of the to-do list template, you should:

  • Create sticky notes for all your tasks, and color code or tag them to help you keep different themes distinct
  • Track your progress across your to-do list by moving your tasks into the appropriate columns: What you're planning to do, what you're working on, and what you've already done.
  • Once you have your tasks in the right columns, prioritize them by moving the highest priority items to the top, and the lowest priority items to the bottom

How to create a To-do List template

Build better, more useful and actionable to-do lists with MURAL

Sticky notes, color coding, tags, commenting, and infinite layout possibilities take your to-do lists to the next level
Sticky notes & text

Sticky notes & text

Add ideas, action items, and more as a sticky note or text box — then change the colors and cluster to identify patterns and new solutions.

Tags on sticky notes

Tags on sticky notes

Customizable labels make it easy to find, organize, and categorize your work in a mural.



Add comments and tag collaborators for smooth asynchronous communication.



Visualize ideas, prototype, and quickly annotate for a better-than-a-whiteboard experience.

Find & filter

Find & filter

Search and filter by color, last edited by, and more to unlock patterns and enhance visual collaboration.

Infinite & resizable canvas options

Infinite & resizable canvas options

Choose the right canvas for your collaboration goals — flexibility without limits.

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