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Syllabus Builder Template

Plan your next course and capture inspiration and insights as you go.

Syllabus Builder Template in the MURAL dashboard
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The Course Syllabus Builder is designed to make class planning easy while embracing inspiration and creativity. Share the template with your teaching team, faculty, and staff to ensure alignment and welcome feedback. Export your week by week syllabus to your learning management system to wow your students and get them excited for the course!

Design → Deliver → Review

Design your syllabus in MURAL. Start by capturing your ideas and noting all possibilities for the course including:

  • Course objectives & learning outcomes
  • Brainstorm themes & topics
  • Course materials
  • Assignments / quizzes

Use the inspiration box to collect notes, details from other courses, articles, and themes that you want to remember.

Define how you will deliver the course. Use your ideas from the Design phase to create your course syllabus. Organize the themes, assignments and tasks class by class for each week so your team and students can stay on track.

Once completed, export the syllabus area and upload it to your LMS.

Lastly, use the review section throughout to reflect on the course. What went well? What should change? What do you want to try? You can reference this section for future iterations of the course.

Watch a quick overview of the Syllabus Builder template

How to create a Syllabus Builder Template

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