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1-3 hours

Schematic diagramming template

Use this framework to collaborate on how an idea will work as a system

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About this Schematic Diagramming template

A schematic diagram shows the underlying architecture of your concept. Schematic diagrams should be skeletal representations with minimal use of color, since the goal is to understand the infrastructure and not to design the look and feel of your concept at this stage.

Benefits of running a Schematic Diagramming session

Running a collaborative schematic diagramming session helps you build consensus around structure, identify and address functional details, and establish a baseline for future designs.

How to run a Schematic Diagramming session

  • Bring together a diverse group of stakeholders to brainstorm so that you can gain better insights from the outset
  • Introduce the concept you’ll be addressing in the session
  • Select the appropriate schematic diagramming option in the mural: Bird’s-eye view; Workflow; Wireframe; Hybrid; or Service Blueprint
  • Edit and compose diagrams in a clear way, with an emphasis on structure and limited use of color or realistic pictures

How to create a Schematic diagramming template

Schematic diagramming template frequently asked questions

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