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Journaling template

A structured process for capturing and recording experiences

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About this Journaling template

This template for journaling, created by the LUMA Institute, helps you capture, record, and organize your experiences and reflections in a variety of formats. Use MURAL’s intuitive tools to add images, text, sticky notes, GIFs, and more to the canvas, and share your experiences and insights quickly and easily. Use this template to get inspired and hit the ground running, so you can focus on recording what you want to remember.

Benefits of keeping a journal

However you choose to build it, keeping a journal is a great way to record important experiences, insights, or information that you can reference and analyze later, whether on your own or with a group.

How to use the LUMA Journal template

  • Define the topic or inspiration for your journal
  • Select one or more options for how you’d like to record your information — the LUMA Journal template offers four suggestions: Photo journaling; Rose, Thorn, Bud journaling; Long-form journaling; and Sketch journaling.
  • Determine an interval at which you will regularly contribute to your journal, as well as analyze what you’ve already done
  • Access your journal from anywhere using your desktop computer or the MURAL iOS and Android apps
  • If applicable, share your journal with a group to gather feedback and new ideas

How to create a Journaling template

Journaling template frequently asked questions

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