Teamwork that just makes sense.

Here’s a little secret: it’s not about where work happens, it's about how work happens.

Mural changes how teams work, no matter where they’re working from. Our intuitive platform and smart teamwork frameworks help teams connect, align, brainstorm, plan, and get to the good stuff, faster.

A bunch of people stacking on top of each other to make a shape

Smart templates for
every occasion

No need to start from scratch. Mural’s huge library of templates, based on the celebrated LUMA System, help your team get more done, faster. What are you looking to accomplish today?

Your very own
teamwork concierge

Need a tech stack refresh? Or simply need someone to come in and make sense of everything? Our Professional Services team is here to help.

The tool of choice for everyone

"Mural has enabled our team to brainstorm, visualize, and collaborate remotely. It has also been VERY helpful in facilitating large working sessions and provides a much better experience than if it were in-person.”

Eileen Boster via TechValidate

Senior IT Architect at Commerce Bank

"Mural has become our centralized depository of ideas and production. Not only can we take a peek on where everyone is at in the product development process, at any point in time – but it is also fun!”

Giovana OBuckley via TechValidate

IT Product Analyst at American Airlines

"Being able to visualize what is being discussed creates alignment on a whole new level for my team. We can see when ideas aren’t captured accurately and can make real time adjustments with ease."

Catherine Marie Rose via TechValidate

IT Professional at U.S. Bank

"Mural has provided us with a common space to work together and collaborate. It has a super flexible structure which makes brainstorming/unstructured thinking much easier."

Kelly Mullins via TechValidate

Product Manager at ExxonMobil

“Mural has given our team a way to easily document our retrospective findings in a way that can be shared cross-functionally for everyone to read.”

Jennifer Genzman via TechValidate

Business Professional at Johnson & Johnson

“We work with globally dispersed teams, so Mural aids in collaboration, team engagement, team building, agile framework ceremonies/scrum, feature-driven development, etc.”

Rick Gaun via TechValidate

Project Manager, Milestone Technology at Uber

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