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The Mural platform makes it easy to create diagrams and map complex concepts that bring structure to your ideas. Get started with free the concept mapping features you need to ideate.
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Collaborators making a concept map in Mural

Generate ideas and organize information with your team

  • Capture everyone’s ideas quickly and easily using sticky notes, GIFs, images, links, and more.
  • Bring stakeholders together to share ideas, create a plan, and collaborate.
  • Share your concept map with collaborators or export it in a wide variety of formats
  • View and edit the concept map in real-time, so all team members can contribute, review, and refine ideas.
  • Manage permissions and make changes and adjustments, so that the concept map is always up-to-date.
  • Turn the deep insights gained from concept mapping into detailed plans and strategies.

Concept map creator features to help you unlock seamless, real-time collaboration

The Mural platform provides a central workspace to map key concepts,  conduct collaborative ideation sessions, and synthesize complex information. Create new workflows, outline the subtopics from a central idea, and unlock visual collaboration.

Sticky notes & text

Add ideas, action items, and more as a sticky note or text box — then change the colors and cluster to identify patterns and new solutions.

Infinite & resizable canvas options

Choose the right canvas for your collaboration goals — flexibility without limits.

Real-time collaboration

Add more productivity and engagement to meetings and calls with features to guide collaboration.

Tags on sticky notes

Customizable labels make it easy to find, organize, and categorize your work in a mural.

Presentation mode

Build presentations collaboratively, then deliver engaging sessions that go beyond one-way talk tracks.

Video meeting integrations

Seamlessly add visual collaboration to meetings with Microsoft Teams, Webex, and Zoom integrations.

How to get started with Concept mapping

To get started with a concept mapping tool like Mural, users can select from a range of pre-designed templates that make it easy to capture everyone’s ideas and build out the concept map collaboratively. The templates are designed to help teams quickly identify relationships between concepts, brainstorm ideas, gain deeper insights, and create a visual representation of a central topic or process.

Once the concept map is complete, users can share it with the rest of the team and make adjustments as needed.

  • Start from a blank canvas or with one of Mural's hundreds of templates for popular outcomes.
  • Each template includes facilitation tips to guide your team through each activity.
  • Add collaborators with unlimited visitors included with every membership.
  • Run an engaging real-time session or invite your team to share feedback asynchronously.
  • Embed or export your whiteboard as a png for a record of all the amazing collaboration.

Invite your team and start mapping concepts and solving complex problems with Mural.

Mural works with your team

Explore free template recommendations and popular use cases.

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