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Study Guide Template

Prepare for exams by collaboratively building an engaging study guide.

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The Study Guide template provides a framework and suggested study techniques to prepare for school exams. You can collaborate on the guide with classmates or build it on your own and later invite your classmates  to quiz each other and make studying fun.

First,  add the main concepts that will be on the exam in the blue rectangles. Use section 2 to add any supplementary supporting concepts from the class. 

Next, drag one key concept into each quadrant on the canvas. This is where you will dive deeper into each concept by collecting notes and ideas, making connections, summarizing the concept, and creating example quiz questions. Mark the concepts with red, yellow, or green to show your confidence level with each concept.

Key template sections:

  • 📝  Notes/Ideas: Write down any content that comes to mind about the key concept. Use notes from class to fill out his section.
  • ↔️ Connections: What are some things that remind you of this main concept? It could be anything — make it fun! A song, memory, or even a word that rhymes with the concept that will help you remember it.
  • ❓ Quiz Questions: Think of some example questions to quiz yourself and your classmates to test your knowledge. You can later pull these questions over to the game area to quiz each other.
  • 📚  Summary: Sometimes it helps to sum it all up — use this space to write a summary of the concept.
  • 💡 Office hours questions: While filling out the quadrants for each main concept, note any outstanding questions you have for your professor or teaching assistant in the “Questions to Bring to Office Hours” section.

Make studying fun! Use the “Test Yourself” section to engage with the concepts in a creative and fun way. We have provided recommendations for games you can use to study the concepts, but feel free to invent your own that fit your preferred study habits. Tip: use Private Mode with your classmates during quizzes to hide and reveal everyone’s responses.

Good luck on the exam 🎓

How to create a Study Guide Template

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