Prep Time:
30 min
Time to run:
1-3 hours

Platform growth & product design template

Understand growth flywheels and achieve liquidity and defensibility

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Leverage our wide-ranging research, and frameworks on value proposition evolution, and defensibility. Think strategically and tactically about growth. Design to generate flywheels that make your business model defensible through network effects, learn how to reach liquidity, and solve the chicken-egg problem and identify the key metrics you need to track to ensure good unit economics, retention, and engagement.

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Platform Design Toolkit


Template by Boundaryless


Boundaryless helps global customers with Business Strategy and Organization Design for the age of Ecosystems

Boundaryless creates open-source frameworks for platform design and entrepreneurial organization development and also supports a global community of organizations, institutions, and individuals through workshops, training, and consulting services.

Among the frameworks that Boundaryless developed you can find the Platform Design Toolkit, that features guides and tools that you can use to explore opportunities for platform strategies, design experiences and achieve sustainable growth, and the 3EO Toolkit that helps you envision how you can structure your organization as a network of entrepreneurial units, that create and sustain an ecosystemic portfolio of products and services.

All the toolkits from Boundaryless are released in Creative Commons Attribution Share-Alike International 4.0 License that allows you to use it freely even for commercial purposes, just requiring you attribution and using a similar license if you create derivative works.