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Heuristic review template

Use this template to audit your designs based on ten rules of thumb

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About this Heuristic Review template

The Heuristic Review template helps outline the process for design review by laying out areas for discussion according to ten rules of thumb. You can use to to assess the current status of a design or to analyze a future-state concept.

Benefits of running a Heuristic Review

Using this template designed by the LUMA Institute, you can immediately start your review process across ten rules of thumb thanks to pre-built sections. This organization also makes it easy to create actionable next steps by identifying themes for each section. This MURAL template allows you to capture feedback from your whole team for each category, whether in real time or asynchronously, in shared digital space.

The ten rules of thumb are:

  • Match a mental model
  • Anticipate needs
  • Minimize complexity
  • Use clear language
  • Stay consistent
  • Give Feedback
  • Provide a sense of place
  • Prevent errors
  • Account for constraints
  • Offer appropriate aesthetics

How to run an effective Heuristic Review

  • Identify the concept or design you want to review
  • Assemble a diverse group of collaborators
  • Familiarize the group with the ten principles they’ll be using to assess the concept or design
  • Remind each participant to keep these principles in mind when submitting feedback
  • Identify themes and collate feedback using tags or color coding

How to create a Heuristic review template

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