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30 min

Critique Template

Use this framework to allow designers to present their current solution.

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About the Critique Template

This template helps facilitators create open and engaging experiences, where you can gather constructive feedback and place it into a framework that makes it easy to take action.

Benefits of running a critique

By guiding your team through a review session, you’ll capture valuable context and feedback, analyze your successes and failures, and brainstorm ways to improve in a constructive and positive way.

How to run a critique

In order to facilitate a critique using the LUMA method, you should:

  • Present the context and the progress so far
  • Ask if there is any clarification needed and allow attendees to submit their questions
  • Invite feedback across three categories: What went well; what didn’t do well; and what could be improved
  • Once you have gathered all your feedback, organize it by theme using tags or color coding to create actionable next steps within the same workspace

How to create a Critique Template

Critique Template Frequently Asked Questions

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