Take teamwork to new heights with Mural and AI

Written by 
Josh Berman
November 1, 2023
An image of the Mural user interface showing new AI functionality with the text 'Meet your new teammate'
Take teamwork to new heights with Mural and AI
Written by 
Josh Berman
November 1, 2023

The next evolution in visual work is here. 

Get deeper work done together and streamline your workflows with Mural AI and our integration with Microsoft 365 Copilot. 

These advanced additions to our platform and the ways we support Microsoft 365 users elevate teamwork by integrating AI technology in a responsible and secure way. 

Our approach

Lately there's been a lot of excitement about how AI can enhance individual productivity. But‌ work isn’t something we do alone. 

That’s why we’ve taken an approach to AI that's driven by teamwork. 

Like any team dynamic, you have to establish a role for the new player. To make AI successful within a team, you need to give it clear guidance for how you want it to interact. 

For all our features, tools, and practices, the goal is to enhance the work and experience of the people involved — not replace them. The same is and will always be true of our AI features in all their evolutions. 

We see three key roles for AI in visual work: as an assistant, as a contributor, and as a coach.

  • The assistant, helping your team fast forward through manual or repetitive tasks — things they could do on their own in time, but that’ll be much easier and faster with AI support. 
  • The contributor, where the AI can come alongside your team to help generate ideas, check their work, summarize ideas, or even provide alternative perspectives. It gives you bench strength when you need it most. 
  • And finally, a coach to help your teams come together effectively. As a coach, an AI trained in Mural’s proven collaboration methods can be your knowledgeable, considerate, and patient partner, coaching your team toward the best approach to solving a specific problem. Teaching them “how to fish.” 
Mural’s three-role framework — the assistant for support, the contributor for partnership, and the coach for leadership and education — sharpens our AI focus and characterizes our holistic approach to this technology. 

It’s not a bolted-on feature, and it’s not driven by gimmicks or trends. Instead, it’s ‌enterprise-grade — and available now to unleash your team's full potential. 

Mural AI

Earlier this year, we announced a private beta of Mural AI. Now, we’re excited to bring the first elements of Mural AI to life by launching three high-impact features for our Enterprise plan customers: mind maps, actions, and clustering. 

Mind maps

Mind maps are a great way to visualize ideas and related concepts. But what if we told you that you could take them to a whole new level with AI? 

With Mural AI enabled, you can start with a central idea and generate a mind map in seconds. Now, your team can create and expand on ideas faster and more effectively than ever before.

Learn more about AI-powered mind maps


Leverage AI and simple language prompts to generate ideas, pose questions or hypotheses, identify opportunities, and so much more. With Mural AI, you’re never stuck — you’ve got a teammate ready to assist with everything from brainstorming to problem-solving, all without ever having to leave the mural.

Learn more about generating with AI


Sometimes all those good ideas can be overwhelming! That’s why Mural AI allows you to get to what matters most, fast. 

Quickly summarize sticky notes and text in a mural so that you can synthesize ideas, get a better understanding of the key points, and create actionable next steps at the speed of business. 

Learn more about summarizing with AI


Affinity clustering, a part of the LUMA System™, is a key method for manually identifying themes from brainstorming sessions. Now, with our AI clustering feature, you have a magic wand to organize and synthesize feedback. 

Find patterns and similarities between ideas, and automatically group sticky notes based on themes or topics. Get to higher-order tasks faster by organizing ideas within seconds, freeing you to focus on decision-making and building next steps. 

Learn more about clustering

Microsoft 365 Copilot

Microsoft selected Mural to be among a group of premier partners — as well as the only visual work platform — supporting Microsoft 365 Copilot at launch. With its Microsoft 365 Copilot integration, Mural is taking the next step to providing ‌a seamless visual collaboration experience and saving organizations time as part of the central Copilot experience. With the integration, users can leverage simple, natural language prompts to streamline their daily tasks. Using Mural and Copilot, a sales representative can easily find the customer discovery mural for their account; a designer can quickly summarize a brainstorming mural with hundreds of sticky notes; and a product manager can efficiently retrieve a project kickoff mural template — and much more.

Learn more about Mural and Microsoft 365 Copilot

Responsible AI

At Mural, we apply Responsible AI principles through internal rules and protocols, constant oversight, and by monitoring global progress concerning AI usage and regulation. We partner with organizations like Microsoft Azure OpenAI to help us realize our goal of integrating AI in a way that meets the security, compliance, and privacy needs of the enterprise.

Our core belief is that trust is essential for a functioning society. With trust, teams can share their thoughts, ideas, and perspectives, making them more productive and efficient. AI can be used to facilitate teams in doing better work, faster, through seamless collaboration.

Learn more about trust and security at Mural 

In accordance with Mural's Responsible AI principles, all Mural AI features are off by default, and must be manually enabled by a company administrator. Furthermore, the use of Microsoft 365 Copilot is governed by a Microsoft Admin and must be enabled with the help of Mural. 

If you’d like to access these features, please reach out to your Customer Success representative. 

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About the authors

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